Entrepology Talks
The Neuroscience of Self-Compassion with Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi, ND, ACC

Date: June 4th, 2019
Time: 12:00 pm EST - 1:00 pm EST

Replays will be shared with registrants.

The connection between mental and physical health, high performance, and self-compassion is no longer up for debate. If you’re committed to being your best, or helping others achieve theirs, join us as we explore the latest science behind Self-Compassion. Discover how to strengthen these often neglected muscles and the power it has to unlock your full potential.

As Dr. K says, “Working with high performing individuals in business, academics and athletics, I see it case after case, there is a big difference between those who are successful, and those who are successful AND feel successful.”

In this MasterClass Dr. K will cover

  •  The scientific definition of Self-Compassion
  •  The connection between Self-Compassion and High Performance
  •  Physical and psychological risks of low Self-Compassion
  •  The three major Emotional Regulation Systems, and why most people are not utilizing them correctly
  •  The relationship between high Self-Compassion and the Growth Mindset
  •  How to train your brain to become more Self-Compassionate
  •  Self-Compassion daily practice and strengthening regime
Yashar Khosroshahi, ND, ACC, trains high performing individuals to lead with excellence by training and strengthening their physical and mental foundations. His programs are centred around naturopathic and functional medicine, the neurosciences, performance psychology, and mindfulness training.

Dr. K, as he is commonly referred, is a Naturopathic Doctor, Brain-Based Executive Coach, and a co-founder of MINDSHIFT NINJA, a leadership development firm. He is a TEDx speaker on Self-Compassion, was featured in Dr. Mark Hyman’s Broken Brain Series, is a sought after public speaker and leadership consultant.  

Dr. K is a graduate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) and applies his training from the NeuroLeadership Institute and the Institute of HeartMath to help individuals advance in business, sport, relationships and personal health. He teaches Health Psychology at CCNM, and maintains a private practice in Toronto, Ontario.
Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopathic doctor and Entrepologist, focusing on the health
optimization of entrepreneurs and game changers. As an entrepreneur, Meghan started and sold her first business while in University and is a Co-founder and past CEO of the digital health media start-up, Bright Almond. She is the host of the Entrepology Podcast, Founder of Entrepology Labs, creator of the women’s performance supplement line, Badass Basics and Chief Cheerleader at Clinician Business Labs – a platform to assist clinicians scale and amplify their businesses.

Meghan is an award winning speaker, having spoken on international stages and through multiple media outlets on topics related to women’s performance medicine, brain health and entrepreneurship. Meghan is the host and producer of the annual entrepreneurship conference Impact LIVEs and most importantly, the bedtime story reader to her three young girls.
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