Entrepology Talks
Mastering Hormones at Every Phase of Life:
Menopause, Mental Pause and Men On Pause:
Date: Friday September 13th @ 1:00 pm EST

This is a live webinar, replays will be shared with registrants.

When women think of menopause, they think of hot flashes, emotional ups, and downs, weight gain and fatigue.  They imagine that menopause marks the beginning of old age and the last chapter in their life. 

Dr. Anna Cabeca wants women to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. They can be slim, sane and sexy and create a time of healthy post-menopausal growth! 

This Masterclass will help you understand:
  • Why menopause is mandatory but suffering is optional.
  • ​What happens during this period of neurologic vulnerability.
  • ​The foods you should be eating to balance body and mind.
  • ​And much more!
Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally-acclaimed menopause and sexual health expert, global speaker and pioneering promoter of women’s health. 

She is Emory University-trained and triple board-certified in gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine and anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and is the author of “The Hormone Fix,” a diet and holistic lifestyle program for menopausal women. 

Dr. Anna Cabeca is a physician and women’s health expert who believes in a natural and safe approach to relieving menopause symptoms. She promotes a keto-green diet along with other practical steps to help balance hormones, reduce weight, and relieve depression. 

As a speaker, Dr. Anna takes these tips and strategies to audiences in an effort to stop the suffering associated with menopause. Women leave with actionable advice about how to start feeling better fast. 

She infuses her presentations with humor, raw connection and passion, and she impact lives each and every day.

Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopathic doctor and Entrepologist, focusing on the health
optimization of entrepreneurs and game changers. As an entrepreneur, Meghan started and sold her first business while in University and is a Co-founder and past CEO of the digital health media start-up, Bright Almond. She is the host of the Entrepology Podcast, Founder of Entrepology Labs, creator of the women’s performance supplement line, Badass Basics and Chief Cheerleader at Clinician Business Labs – a platform to assist clinicians scale and amplify their businesses.

Meghan is an award winning speaker, having spoken on international stages and through multiple media outlets on topics related to women’s performance medicine, brain health and entrepreneurship. Meghan is the host and producer of the annual entrepreneurship conference Impact LIVEs and most importantly, the bedtime story reader to her three young girls.
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